Who are Snowflake Media?

Who are Snowflake Media or Snowflake Media Group?

As we step up our sponsorship and expansion, it’s a question we are seeing more and more.

As you’ll see from our site, we have a number of brands that sit within the Snowflake Media family.

Proud to be a marketing agency based in Halifax UK, we’ve been around since 2006 and was created by local Lee Kenny.

Snowflake Media started as a TV advertising agency and thanks to client demand, expanded over the years to include social media, strategy & online advertising.

We spend most of our days doing 3 things:

  1. Creating sales and marketing strategies for organisations & individuals
  2. Graphic Design & Brand and logo Creation
  3. Training charities, organisations and individuals on how to market their services or product.

We have also forged very close relationships with the following companies

  • Digital Jumpsuit: These guys are great at implementing the types of strategy we recommend including Facebook and Google Advertising
  • Digital Renovators: Need a website in a hurry or just a tweak. This is who we work with!
  • Skircoat Green Directory & The Halifax Directory: If you are in Halifax, these two magazines are probably the best way to reach a targetted audience. 16,000 copies each month and over 30,000 readers…what’s not to like?

Locally based, global perspective

We couldn’t be more proud of our Halifax roots and around 25% of our clients are based within 10 miles of Halifax. We do however work with clients all over the UK and almost half of our clients are International with many in the US & Canada!

Still want to know Who is Snowflake Media? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a cuppa…or something stronger!




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