what we do

Since 2006 Snowflake Media has helped 1000’s of businesses and individuals find their voice and acquire the customers it needs to thrive and not just survive.

Starting in the Shopping Channel industry, it’s no surprise today that Snowflake Media continues to be a leading Direct Response Agency serving clients across the UK, US, Canada, Australia and many more on a daily and weekly basis.

Snowflake’s (The type falling from the sky in winter!) are unique, no two the same. We apply this process and philosophy when working with clients. Whether you just need guidance and strategy (Marketing Consulting is the buzzword) or need someone to handle every aspect of the marketing funnel, we can help. Here’s a quick overview of what we can do for your company. Be sure to check out our case studies and work to date!

Brand Development & Logo creation

This was the final piece of the marketing puzzle for Snowflake Media. For many years we contracted out to other companies or simply referred clients to other agencies. This changed this year with the opportunity to bring in experienced graphic designers who have helped work with our marketing team to deliver brilliant visual and effective marketing solutions. For more information please see our Graphic Design Agency service page

Sales & Marketing Strategy Sessions

Maybe you just need a little guidance on how to get your marketing moving in the right direction. Snowflake Media offers half day and full day training sessions to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. It’s not rocket science. We help you find the Who, Why & How elements to your marketing plan. Sounds simple and when you work with us, you are getting decades of experience combined with modern delivery methods. These sessions can be held at our marketing company in Halifax, at your premises, Offsite locations or online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In most English speaking countries Google is the dominant search engine providing 70% of all search traffic to websites. Through our Digital Jumpsuit team, we will advise, help and implement strategies to get your website in front of more people at the top of the rankings. This is not a quick fix, however is a critical long term marketing strategy for legitimate companies. You probably get approached all the time promising Page 1 rankings for a ridiculously low price. Quite frankly Google is pretty smart. It values credibility and a long term safe pair of hands that can only be done, by doing the right things, long enough and consistently.

Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising

One of the fastest ways to grow a business or list of potential customers is through advertising. As Dan Kennedy, the marketing guru says “The company that can pay the most to acquire a customer…and remain profitable….wins” That’s what we spend our days doing.

Creating ads, monitoring, refining, testing, refining over ad over again until we get you a profitable, sustainable and more importantly repeatable marketing solution for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Build it and they will come is no way to run a business. The attention of your audience is just too fragmented these days. We offer a tailored Social media solution based upon the needs of your business. We offer content creation, graphic design, copy writing, blog creation, customer outreach, customer service and Social Media set up and monitoring for your business. If you are an e-commerce business we generate traffic and sales to your website. If you are a service company, we focus on lead generation and keeping you front of mind. After all, not everyone is ready to buy, just because you are ready to sell. We will help you be the first person your ideal customer thinks of when the time is right.

Print Advertising

Social media is a terrific development, however there are certain people who prefer the printed media as their choice of receiving news and information. At Snowflake Media we have access to two printed monthly publications in the Halifax Area. Skircoat Green Directory & The Halifax Directory provide over 16,000 copies per month in the Halifax area and reach over 35,000 readers regularly. It’s a slightly older readership, but an extremely effective way of placing your business in front of a relevant audience.

It started with a Call…or email… or tweet…or direct message…(You get the picture)

Need more business? Need a little guidance. Get in touch and we’d love to help you figure out the best way forward. We are a super friendly bunch of experienced professionals. No pressure tactics, just a huge amount of experience which will ultimately speed up your success, reduce the time required and get you generating the type of income you dreamed about when starting your business!

Contact us today to discuss: Email / Facebook / Twitter / Phone:  01422 375 034