Using PayPal for Business? 3 tricks to boost Facebook fans

If you have a Facebook fan page for your business and use PayPal to accept payments then you are just minutes away from increasing your Facebook fan count in an easier way than you could imagine.

“How do I get more fans on Facebook?” is probably the number one question we hear from small businesses, well it can be a hard process but not if you already accept payments from customers via PayPal

OK, on the assumption that when your customer bought and paid for their goods through PayPal they also agreed you could contact them here’s the fastest 3 ways to increase your Facebook Fan count

Tip 1: Use the Facebook Invite function to ask your existing customers to like your page

Log in to your PayPal account and download all your sales to date in a CSV file format

Delete all the data except the email addresses

Save this to your desktop with an appropriate name so you can find it easily in a minute or so

Then log in to Facebook, switch to using it as the business page you’d like to invite people to

Click Build audience

Select Invite Email Contacts

Then a box like this one will appear


Select upload contact list file

Then just tick the relevant box and Facebook will do the rest

Tip 2: Tell People you accept Paypal

You’d be surprised how many people have money in their PayPal accounts from past Ebay sales. So on Twitter and Facebook, tell people you accept PayPal. The message can then be shared by existing fans or cause an interaction that will show up on their friend’s timelines.

Even better – Post on Facebook that you accept PayPal. Then tweet a link to your Facebook post to encourage those followers on Twitter to visit your Facebook Page

Tip 3: Use Incentives to encourage non-social sales to like your page

When was the last time you reviewed your order confirmation or newsletter emails? When you first started maybe?

Jazz them up a little and shout about your social media channels including Facebook. You can even offer a coupon, incentive or perhaps just some unique content on your Facebook business page. Don’t forget this is more about being where your customers (and potential customers) are, than where you’d like to communicate with them

I hope you find this Blog post on using PayPal to increase Fans on your Facebook Business Page. Be sure to comment and share. I’m always interested to know what you think! By The way, Snowflake Media’s Facebook Page is here be sure to come along and see the latest tips on increasing business through social media marketing.



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Using PayPal for Business? 3 tricks to boost Facebook fans

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