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A big thank you to SAM Networking for letting me present the world of Digital Marketing to the Huddersfield networking group this morning. We had some fun with the power and stickability of using 3-word phrases…. Beans Means…. Heinz or course!

SAM Networking is a great place for people looking to network in Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax and surrounding areas to build relationships and “Get Business Done” (See what we did there!)

We also spent some time discussing common challenges that businesses can face…or perceived challenges.

Not enough Time

10+ years ago I had the good fortune to meet Ryan, now of American Airlines, but previously Disney and he explained the P.O.D.E formula. Publish Once Distribute Everywhere. So for the benefit of the group and demonstrating the process, we set out to do the same this morning.

This effectively allows you to create one piece of content and then use it in many different ways…Thus saving time having to create fresh content every time. You can also use the same content, but highlight different parts to different audiences and media platform.


As you’ll see below we’ve added it to YouTube along with a basic description and given some love to SAM Networking (Which is also a link to their website giving them further benefit…and thanks!)


Same video, but uploaded directly to Facebook this time. As you can see a different headline, this time mentioning 3 things that will resonate with many folks who don’t want to do video, despite knowing it can boost their business and visibility.


The number one social media network for business…Linkedin. Here we can give a shout out to the others in the audience, which is then shareable in a non-spammy way and gives their business exposure too!


Our @SocialSnowflake account on Twitter has over 10,000 people on, so when we share the news, it can also get a decent reach and if that happens to be where potential members for SAM networking or our own companies like to spend their time then we are away at the races!


Well, as you can see this is also on our website – 1 piece of content shares, chopped, repurposed in several ways. 90 seconds to create, 20 minutes to put everywhere else.

Is it perfect? As Sam would say “Is it Chuff” But in a world where you don’t have much time, this is a great way to start! I have published all these within an hour of each other, but when you do the same you can stagger these over hours, days or weeks!

Thank you again to everyone who attended and for the opportunity. If you’d like a chat about all things digital marketing and content, please get in touch!

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