How to Tag people and businesses on Facebook

For those who don’t know what “Tagging” is, this is where you can name a person or business on Facebook within your status updates and it creates a clickable link to their page and also alerts them to the fact you’ve tagged them on Facebook. This helps the reader of the story find out where to go more easily and also build relationships with companies you are tagging (as long as you aren’t doing it for purely selfish reasons…ie to build your SEO)


Here’s an image of a Tagged business




Well Facebook rolled out some new changes last week that means you probably are unable to tag people in the way you used to.


Facebook appear to have adopted a more Twitter style approach when it comes to notifying people of being tagged, so you’ll need to just amend your current process slightly. Here’s a 2 minute video we uploaded to our new Social Snowflake YouTube page:



For those who prefer the written form, here’s the process on how to tag a business on Facebook within your social media marketing plan


Step 1: Make sure you’ve actually liked the page you are trying to tag. This needs to be liked from your Facebook business page, rather than your own personal Facebook account


Step 2: Instead of Capitalising the first letter, Now use the “@” symbol followed by the Capitalised letter of the business. Keep typing until your choice appears.


That’s it. If it doesn’t work for you, take a quick look at the 2 minute video and you can post or comment below if you have any issues and we’ll be happy to help


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How to Tag people and businesses on Facebook

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