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Brand stationery completes your brand. We understand the importance of this and how this needs to work both online and offline to cater for all your needs. This is what your clients will see and provides a professional look and feel to your business.

At Snowflake Media we have a passion for creating stationery that ties in with your brand. Sometimes these things that may get overlooked, however we want all brands. companies and organisation to have a range of touchpoints that all leave a remarkable impression on all those that see it.

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Our in-house graphic designer Tim has joined our team with over 30 years’ experience. When opportunity knocked, Tim ran his own graphic design agency for 12 years before joining Wright Angle Marketing in 2011 as Head of Creative. 

Having worked with Snowflake Media as a client since 2016, Tim joined the Snowflake Media team mid 2019 to provide Branding and Graphic Design to the increasing number of clients across the Group.

Over the years we have produced exceptional client branding, logos, stationery, catalogues and brochures to a wide range of clients.

For more information about our Graphic Design services please contact us today to discuss: 

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