Why I limited social media fee’s at £30 for Small Business Owners

I launched Snowflake Media almost 9 years ago to help the small(er) guy.

You see we had just sold our business to a multinational in the TV channel business and really believed they had the resource to grow the business we launched 4 years earlier to new heights.

However the first thing they did in the quest for growth was kick out all the little guys who were advertising their products on the channel and replace them with  large, mainly faceless, corporate advertising.

Overnight tens of businesses were threatened with a crippling downturn in revenues now their main promotional channel was no longer available. They turned to me to help and Snowflake Media was born.

Fast forward almost 9 years and I looked at our client roster over the past few years and it makes depressing reading…. to me at least. Large multinational brands, global retailers. Basically the big corporate clients that I had intended to avoid. So I knew a change was needed. What happened to the little guy? Who was going to provide social media for small business owners at a low enough price?

I reviewed our agency files and contracts and at the end of  last year decided not to renew. and in some cases, fire our large corporate clients. (It wasn’t quite that dramatic. I’m a nice guy so I found them a lovely new agency!)

After lots of research I could see that even “low” price points of £99 per month were too high for the vast majority of small business owners to pay for social media support & training.

The problem with most social media offers for small business owners was quality. Outsourcing the tweets or Facebook posts to a 3rd party resulted in pretty grim reading. The cookie cutter approach that was required to create bland and template-style tweets that could be tweaked for multiple industries didn’t serve the client or the reader well.

This is how the “I’m In” club was conceived.

I’m thrilled to say we launched the “I’m In” social media training and support package for small business owners at a price that is going to disrupt the whole industry. Priced at £29.95 (US$40, Euro 40) per month without notice periods or contracts is something business owners have been crying out for.

The “I’m In” Social Media club will provide unlimited support, advice and guidance to business owners covering Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram & YouTube. It will also provide expert training delivered online so business owners can progress at their own pace and skip past the irrelevant parts. With a focus on how the business owner can manage social media in under 15 minutes a day this is sure to transform he industry.

Even though the club only launched within the past 2 weeks, an unintended benefit of club membership has emerged and that is the networking opportunities within the club. It’s incredible to see photographers sharing tips with other photographers across the country on how they generate business from social media.

Lee Kenny, Founder of Snowflake Media had this to say “I looked at the costs associated with pitching for business, travel, training and plush offices. Add in fancy recording studios and the need to keep up with the Jones’s and no wonder small business owners were getting ripped off with their Social media marketing. All those costs have to be paid and the unsuccessful pitches get paid for by the clients who did come on board. A horrible business model!”

“Eliminating pointless travel time, endless pitch preparation and meetings has meant the team can really focus on delivering world class training to a much larger audience. Now a small business owner can access £1000’s of training for under £30”

Over 100 businesses are already “in” and we hope to help 1000’s of small and growing businesses over the coming months.

You can find out more about the club at the links below and prices can be fixed for British pounds, Euros, US$, Australia, Canadian & New Zealand Dollars so we even take out the uncertainty of exchange rate fluctuations.

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