Me, Me, Me. Is this how you DO Social Media?

Like Me, Share this, I Need to get to 1000 likes, 2000 followers? Does this sound familiar?


Now, I actually love milestones, they are great for galvanising support, but it can only be one part of the communications message in Social Media.


Why should I care if YOU get more followers? What will happen when you pass the next significant number? Anyone?


Usually, nothing happens. My World doesn’t change. I don’t get anything and you usually go quiet until your next milestone approaches


So what’s my point?


Be a Giver in order to be a Getter


First impressions


When you are on Day one it’s fine to email or invite your closest friends to like your new page. Make sure they know what the page is for and also whether you think they’ll be interested. Do you just need 25 likes on Facebook so you can claim your Facebook.com URL? If so, let them know “Hey this is why I’d like your help…Then you can unlike the page in a week or two?” Set the expectations out early for maximum cooperation


Slow down


One of the biggest mistakes I see new business owners make in social media is inviting people to like their page too early. Before you even consider inviting anyone to the page, make sure you’ve posted 3 or 4 really excellent posts. When you demonstrate value via valuable content your likes and shares will skyrocket. You may want to check out this “Empty Bar Syndrome” blog to see what I mean


Who Cares?


Hopefully You.


When you care enough about your potential audience. When you are passionate about your topic. When you are happy to give, give, give great free content away. At that point you will reap what you have sown and the rewards will be engaged, loyal and maybe, just maybe, paying customers.


It’s not called “Social” Networking for nothing


You are excited, you know you have a great message to share or product to sell, but so do lots of other people. Too many companies use Social media like a one-way speaker system, good for getting your message out to lots of people, terrible for getting feedback from those that matter.


When you engage with others, you open the path for others to engage with you. That’s not only how friendships are built, but also how business relationships can develop and thrive.


Are you “doing” social media marketing or “being” social media? There’s a big difference and the latter brings more happiness and rewards


I’d love to hear your thoughts


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Me, Me, Me. Is this how you DO Social Media?

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