More Social Media Tips from a 5 Year old!

A while ago I wrote about my youngest snowflake and the power of getting started. Well she’s now 5 years old and continues to inspire us all with her pearls of wisdom when it comes to Social Media tips.


The frustration phase

Social media can be frustrating, there’s no other way to put it. Yes you know you need to do more, but between actually running your business and personal issues, getting the quality time to devote to Facebook & Twitter can be a challenge.


The Game

So every weekday morning our littlest snowflake limbers up for another game. It’s the same game as the previous day, in fact it’s the same game we’ve been playing every school day since she started in September.

“Daddy….. Can you help me get dressed?”

Now, she knows how to get dressed, is more than capable of getting dressed, but somehow every morning it’s too overwhelming a task to even be considered.

The game takes various forms.

1)      Partial Help: You put one sock on and I’ll put the other, you put the dress on, I’ll do the buttons, etc.

2)      Last minute help: Clock is ticking got to get moving.

But our favourite is the one where she actually gets fully dressed herself to astonishment at her prowess and skills. This is achieved by breaking the task down in to bite-sized chunks! So with cajoling & competition and the odd “I bet you can’t put your socks on by the time I count to 27” She not only gets fully dressed, but has some fun on the way too. (She usually finishes by the time I get to 2!)

So what’s the Social media tip she provides?


Have fun and make it a game

Social Media doesn’t have to be a chore. Find ways to make it fun, whether that’s achieving a new reach for your posts or new friends. If you are having fun with your updates, that will shine through on the page.



Break things down in to smaller chunks.

Choose one thing and do that. So whether it’s the blog, Facebook updates, Tweets, Website review or research. Just allocate one thing and do that. Give yourself a pat on that back.

Focus on the positive of what you have done, rather than the negative emotions surrounding what you haven’t managed to do yet!

So thank you little one, stay tuned for more unexpected social media tips from a 5 year old soon.

As always, please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences. I look forward to hearing how these social media tips for small business work for you!

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