How Founders, ceo’s and business owners can access support

It can feel lonely “at the top” for founders, solopreneurs and MD’s especially if you are a business with less than 10 employees.

Todays Business messenger video talks about how to access that support to bounce ideas around and stop you from feeling too isolated

If you prefer to read: Here’s the transcript instead:

Good morning everyone!
This is Lee from the Snowflake Media Group
How are you today?
This is a business messenger number four.
Really quick one today.
This is really geared at CEO’s,
business owners,
Just to let you know that,
you are not alone!
I don’t mean that in a sense of Hey,
you can reach out to me any time … although you can!
But actually, you’ll find that
the things you’re going through are very,
very common.
So sometime struggling to be able to communicate to a
team about your real feelings.
of course, they are direct reports,
 and you don’t want to necessarily appear to show weakness.
That’s not to confuse it with not building rapport,
having an open dialogue and relationship,
but problems of CEOs and problems of founders.
You don’t want to be telling
 the cashier that you’ve got cash flow problems.
That you’ve got challenges with particular things that may spook or worry people.
So just understand that there are networks out there.
There are people out there.
There are  peers.
So maybe other CEOs
and you’ll typically find that when you’re opening up and having real conversations,
One thing you can do is really remain positive.
You’ll see.
That’s a common theme. I’m not talking about
denying the fact that things are sometimes challenging.
But it’s about having that faith having that belief that,
we are at a temporary sticking point we are at a temporary place in time,
which is not the optimal position we would want to be in.
And that’s okay.
It’s very different to being all doom and gloom.
You’ll find some networks out there are all about “How terrible it is,
how the government is this, and the council is that!”
 I would recommend you don’t get involved in those.
we want constructive dialogues with people.
But again,
just understand that you may not find your tribe.
You may not find your support network on the first go.
You may try and connect with one person and find 
ther is just no compatibility.
There’s no harmony,
there’s no “two way street,
and I think it has to be a two way street when we’re talking about this type 
of peer to peer support.
And again,
that’s very different from,
Understand that people are going through what you’re going through.
There’s lots of people at the moment.
For example,
during coronavirus,
where things were going terrifically well!
Things are actually on the up and,
these conversations we have,
with groups around saying,
we don’t want to shout about things when they’re going very good,
particularly when it’s tough in general.
It might seem insensitive,
so there’s no all about challenges.
Sometimes it’s about being able to share those wins and 
being able to do so without fear of recrimination,
without fear of I
I guess those people,
motivated by other desires that don’t have necessarily the best for
your business,
your organisation,
your community at heart.
Make sure you pick those carefully but again,
understand support is out there. hope you’re enjoying 
these just little tidbits every day.
On day four!
Look forward seeing you tomorrow.
If you haven’t seen the first two or three,
I’ll pop the links in the comments and feel free to check them out.
If you like them. Give it a thumbs up.
If you don’t like them. Give it a “thumbs down” and I will see you again tomorrow

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