How to reach 90% of your Facebook fan page

Facebook reduced the average amount of fans you can reach on your page last year to a paltry 6.5% and now want to cut it in half again. Here’s how you can protect yourself!

It’s true, Facebook is not showing your updates

We’ve been running extensive testing over the final quarter of 2014 and this 1st week of the New Year and yes it’s true, Facebook is systematically “protecting” more and more of its users by reducing the amount of stories and updates it displays.

Why is Facebook not showing my posts?

It’s nothing personal, it’s just the average Facebook user has clicked “like” so many times that they would now receive over 1600 updates a day if it went unfiltered.

What Can I do to reach more fans on my Facebook page?

Easy. You need to create a strategy of talking more about what your audience is interested in, rather than purely promotional stuff. Take a look at the video I shot this week which shows how we still manage to reach over 90% of our Facebook fans without spending a penny.

I need help reaching more people on Facebook

There are so many great resources out there with lots of special reports, although they can be quite generic.

The first thing to do, is understand the current score of the Facebook page you are managing? You can get this for free by clicking here

Next, you should see what areas you need to improve upon. These include:

  • Best times to post
  • Completing your full bio information
  • Selecting 4-6 topics (non-sales) to talk about

You can find these details specific to your page here: www.snowflakemedia.co.uk/facebook-scorecard-report/

Should I advertise or boost posts on Facebook

Make sure you have a strong enough idea on how you can monetise the page, whether that’s increased store visits, voucher redemption or directly attributed online sale. Then you can decide on how to best apply any advertising spend. All growing businesses are spending money to some degree, even if it’s only a few pounds a day.

Need more help for your business on Facebook?

We are here for you!

For over 8 years Snowflake media has been helping clients around the world devise and implement online marketing strategies that generate sale and leads. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help explode your business results online.

Until next time

Lee Kenny

Managing Director: Snowflake Media

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