The Power of getting started in Social Media Marketing

In my last blog one of my top suggestions was simply “getting started” when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It was also a key point in the recent Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy National event held in Halifax, West Yorkshire this month.


It sounds simple, but the call of email, Facebook updates from others and that next cup of coffee sometimes just call too loudly and distract you from getting your plan of action in to place.


There are of course more serious implications of procrastination when it comes to starting your Social Media Marketing other than just delaying your meteoric rise to fame & riches.


Over the weekend the Family and I decided to go and help the ladies at Cragg Vale Bunting. www.facebook.com/BuntingCraggVale2014 they are attempting to break the World record for the longest continuous bunting. Interestingly since they began the World record has been broken twice by other people resulting in a new target that is almost 4 times the original record.


Don’t get me wrong….These guys didn’t procrastinate, through no fault of their own, their job just got 4 times harder due to timing.


Do you remember that brilliant idea you had years ago, only to find someone had launched the very same product or service years later…..They stole your idea right? Hmmm, what would have happened had you taken mass and immediate action at the time?


The same is true of Social Media Marketing whether you are in Halifax or Hong Kong. Getting started now paves the way to building you an audience. Let’s say your Twitter followers only grows by 3 people a day…That’s over 1000 new people who are listening to you in a year’s time.


The same for Facebook. How much easier would it be to launch a new exercise class if you had a 1000 people following your updates? You’d need 1 or 2% and you’d be full! How great would it be to have a waiting list for your product or service? Do you think you could expand further or maybe charge a little more?


So get started today. Use tools such as those at www.Hootsuite.com and I look forward to reading the comments and watching your progress.


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getting started in Social Media Marketing

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