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Not Your Typical Marketing Company

Not getting the sales results you need for your business? Not enough hours in the day to learn AND implement the right marketing strategy? Feeling frustrated that nothing seems to be working when it comes to increasing your business profits? You are in great company.

Since 2006 Snowflake Media has been helping businesses, authors & individuals all around the world with unique marketing insights created to deliver the right message, to a targeted audience on the perfect delivery method.

Over the past decade the Snowflake Media marketing team have evolved from a TV Direct Response Agency, to integrate Social Media, Google & Facebook Advertising, Printed Magazines and Public Relations, all under one roof. This means that whichever method of reaching customers is best for your product, service or company, that is the one we’ll recommend.

When you work with Snowflake Media, you also benefit from our in house Website Design department and online marketing teams in Digital Renovators & Digital Jumpsuit reducing friction, time and money when driving results for you!


With over 200 wordpress, blog and e-commerce sites under our belts, you are guaranteed to be in great hands with our Digital Renovators team. We specialise in producing, maintaining and keeping secure your website, which means you can focus on running your business.

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“Bums on seats, cash in the till, making the phone ring!” When it comes to online marketing, our Digital Jumpsuit team will be on hand to help you every aspect. Social media, online advertising, copy writing means you won’t get left behind in this changing world.

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Snowflake Media helps people like you, all around the world. However, if your business relies on local word of mouth and referrals, our local advertising team can help. We produce over 16,000 physical magazines in Halifax every month which gives us another perspective to help you grow.

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