How to organise your Facebook page by “recent”

Another day, another functionality change for some businesses using Facebook for social Media on their desktop version. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter on your timeline, Facebook appears to have removed the “sort by recent” option, instead assuming it knows what relevant, popular stories you’d like to see.

The Challenge for businesses who use their Facebook newsfeed to curate stories that they can then share, most popular doesn’t always cut it. So here is a quick shortcut for all you businesses out there to show Facebook updates by most recent.

Once you’ve logged in and switched to the business page you want to manage the page will look like this:


Change the URL now from Facebook.Com to: www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr This forces the page to look for more recent stories. Now you’ll see a screen that looks like this.


You still have the option to see what is most popular, however at least you have the choice now.

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How to organise your Facebook page by “recent”

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