Networking for introverts

I love people, business and am a fairly sociable person by most people’s standards, however I have always found networking awkward and uncomfortable.

While some people operate on a “fake it til you make it” basis, I needed to go a different way. If you are not a huge fan of speed-networking, todays video is just for you

For those that prefer writen rather than video, here’s the transcript

good morning.
All this is Lee from Snowflake Media.
Day five of the Business Messenger and my day off today.
So hence the a cup of coffee and 
the casual look!
I say day off,
it’s gonna be a busy day,
actually having breakfast with the wife.
Then we’ve got some photo shoots for Halifax Rugby League.
So big shout out to the girls from the women’s team,
Halifax Rugby Leage womens team
They’re gonna be doing some modelling for us today.
Then I’m doing some preparation for a council delivery workshop on
websites just after noon. Then hopefully hanging around with the kids and no doubt checking in.
And that really is the life
of a business owner. We do all these things.
So today I want to talk about following up from yesterday,
in this bite size video. We talked about,
how you are not alone yesterday.
So the obvious question is,
Well if I’m not alone,
where do I go and find some of this support?
And I have to say, and people sometimes raise their eyebrows at this when I say,
I really do not like networking personally,
I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it.
I enjoy people,
enjoy meeting people and am fine in groups and fine presenting into groups.
But if there’s a room of 40, 50 or 60 people and
I don’t know many of them,
I just It’s not my bliss to be able to go in there.
So whether I’m an introvert – extrovert?
like lots of people or whether I’m conditioned  to anything like that?
I’m not really sure.
I just know that after 20 years,
it isn’t my idea of Yeah, let’s get out there!
I know there are people out there, maybe shout out to someone like 
a Sally Roberts,
you know,
from ABS Print
She just loves getting out there.
Becki Maren Same sort of thing.
So many people just absolutely loved getting out there.
And it’s just not my bliss.
So here’s a couple of things you can do if you’re in that situation,
where you want to meet people in a non challenging,
a non confrontational way and things maybe I’ve done over the years.
That means I know quite a few people locally or nationally now,
so you can get involved in charities either as an active sponsor.
As an active participant as a trustee.
Anything like that, board of directors.
You could do that.
Maybe sports is your thing.
Maybe you’ve got kids sports.
You’re playing sports again.
Another good place in a non threatening environment to go find a
place for people to be.
Another option would be,
obviously religion and charities and things like that.
So if you’re a churchgoing person,
you can go to the church things.
In the beginning,
when our kids were at school,
we decided to get ourselves involved in things like the PTA,
which if you have 
Kids between five and 11 is a great way to meet people.
you are on the hook,
your fresh blood,
fresh meat.
As soon as you stick your hand up,
they’ll want you to do absolutely everything in a PTA
But you know,
over the course of the years is pretty good.
And you do miss that when the kids go to high school,
suddenly you’re not really needed.
There’s many,
many other places you could you could get involved and do that type of thing.
You know,
we could get into podcasts and all that sort.
But again,
that may be the first steps or something for you to consider.
Hope you are having a terrific Friday by the time you read this.
Or maybe you’re reading it later in the week or the month or the years,
but hopefully have enjoyed it.
Maybe if you found different ways you took to network,
maybe popping down in the comments.
That would be lovely and it would be very helpful.
over time for people. Or if you absolutely love networking,
throw a couple of hearts down there and I have a brilliant day.
Thanks guys!

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