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Marketing Agency

Choosing a marketing agency can be a daunting prospect for any business, let alone when you don’t have a background in the fine art of selling. Maybe you’ve tried Googling Marketing agency near me or Marketing company near me in the hope that you’ll find someone who is local and hopefully has a good reputation.

The challenge for most businesses is that they need specific marketing skills that may not be provided by simply the closest to you. Imagine if you had a long term health challenge that needed fixing. Would you want the closest person or the best person? Well it’s time to start applying that critical thinking to your business.

If you are reading this on Snowflake Media there is a good chance that you either don’t have the time to take your business to the next level or don’t feel like you have the marketing skills required to grow enough. If you are in Halifax then you are incredibly lucky as that is where our offices are based!

More than 75% of our business though comes from International clients or those looking for a UK marketing agency.

When you work with Snowflake Media Group you can pick and choose what marketing solution you need.

We can teach you how to market your business

If you are a start up business or one that has lots of time to implement, you can simply choose our Marketing Strategy Sessions. Here our experts will help you decide on exactly what marketing steps you need to take, then you are responsible for execution.

Done for you marketing

If you don’t have enough time to market the business, then working with our Digital Jumpsuit team allows you to maximise marketing results on whichever marketing channel is best for you. Our team have expertise in Advertising on Facebook, Google and other platforms. We also help create content and manage social media strategy for companies looking for a creative solution.

Why choose Snowflake Media for marketing?

Every “Snowflake” is unique. That is why Snowflake Media was created. In a world of “Me-too” or lazily cobbled together marketing plans, we realised that no two businesses need exactly the same solution.

Unlike most marketing agencies, we maintain a roster of our own websites that act as a marketing laboratory. Making mistakes and learning with our own money. We have retail, e-commerce, blog, news style and subscription based websites that we are constantly refining and testing. This gives us real-time data that we can share and use with our client base.

In our past lives, we hired marketing agencies to help grow our business and were constantly frustrated with either the vague promises, lack of transparency or lack of coherence between the agency departments. Marketing strategy requires a multi-channel approach and when you work with Snowflake Media you will have the web development, SEO, Advertising, print, graphic design and copywriting teams all in one place. All pulling in the same direction.

Contact us today to discuss: Email / Facebook / Twitter / Phone: 01422 375 034