How do I know if I’m doing it right? Social Media Marketing for small businesses

You know you should be using Social Media to promote your business, but are struggling to find the time. Combine that with the paltry “reach figures” Facebook says you just achieved. You’d be better opening the window and shouting your sales message to the next 8 people that walked by right?

Well don’t be disheartened. Too many small businesses are focussed on Fans & Likes, when the real numbers you should be looking are something completely different.


People Talking About

If you want to know if you are making a difference in Social Media and getting your strategy right then take a look at the “People Talking About” number first. What is this as a % of your page likes?

If you are doing a good job, then you’ll see this number at around 20%. Anything more and you are doing a great job, posting things your audience wants to see. This will also result in more people actually seeing your posts.

people talking about


Use Facebook Insights

Don’t get Paralysis by Analysis, but do take a look at the numbers in the Facebook Insights area of your page. It will show you which posts were popular, times of day and even optimum posting times for your business. This may mean you need to schedule some updates, but Social Media is about being where your customers are at, when they are there. Otherwise we’d just post updates on our website and people would come flocking.


Do you know the score?

I have yet to meet businesses who keep score when it comes to Social Media. Get a pen and paper, or better yet an Excel spreadsheet and keep a daily or weekly record of the score. You may be surprised that you are doing better than you think!

If you want a copy of the sheet we have our clients use, just comment below or in Facebook and we’ll be happy to send it across free of charge.

This isn’t a complicated sheet or process.



# of Fans/Likes

# of People “talking about”

Last week people reached

“Whatever gets measured, gets managed” is a quote that gets attributed to Peter Drucker and certainly has validity here.

At Snowflake Media, we often do a Social Media analysis for small business clients to steer them in the right direction. If you’d like a free assessment, just email info@snowflakemedia.co.uk and we’ll be happy to provide one.


Don’t get disheartened


The fact you are even thinking about it shows you are on the right track. Too many businesses operate like a one-way radio transmitter. By listening, tweaking and listening again your engagement numbers will go up, business and leads will increase and you’ll spend less time than ever on your Social Media Marketing for your small business.

Until next time, have a wonderful week and be sure to comment here and on Facebook about how these tips are working for you? I’d love to hear from you.

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How do I know if I’m doing it right? Social Media Marketing for small businesses

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