How can my business get on Page 1 of Google for Free in under 2 hours?

You have a great product or business right? If only more people knew about you then everything would be great. Simple just find more people to talk to, more visitors to your site or blog should do it.
The only problem is highlighted in a recent study. More than 85% of clicks went to the first 5 unpaid search results, leaving you to fight for the rest of the world for the remaining 15%

Want to work harder?

Can you work harder? Maybe, but social media for your business shouldn’t be that hard.
Everyone has probably heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder” but real life application can be hard, especially when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and driving visitors to your website.

This is the smart way

Yes, you can write blogs every day, work the social media route, hire an SEO firm to optimise your website, change your product information and descriptions… and you should do all these things. However the quickest way to get your information out there is Video.


YouTube is the World’s 2nd largest search engine and also happens to be owned by Google, the world’s largest. When you search for things on Google have you noticed that 1-3 videos usually appear higher up the search results? That’s because Google wants video as high up as possible and it’s something most small businesses simply refuse to do.

This is the opportunity for your small business to stand out

Do you want to battle 100,000’s of articles and websites from all over the world or just a few hundred who happen to be producing videos? How many similar businesses to yours are doing video? 1, 2? Probably zero which means you have very little competition.


Normally writing articles and blogs can take forever and then take quite a while to reach any significant presence on Google. This morning we posted a Video and an article on How to get to the 1st page of Google the same day. Well even we were staggered by the results. Watch this video to see what happened.

Wow, in less than 2 hours our article was listed in the 1st and 3rd spot on Google!

Staying there is the hard part

So as you can see getting to the 1st page of Google is easy. It’s staying there that’s the hard part. The great news is all it takes is time & consistent effort!
Get started, use a webcam or iPhone and shoot something…..anything today and upload it to YouTube and embed it on your Facebook page and website if you have one.
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Written by:
Lee Kenny
CEO: Snowflake Media





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