Halifax SOS Launches To Support our Sports Clubs in Halifax

Halifax S-O-S (Supporting our Sports)

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all areas of our lives and while lots of businesses and individuals can access some support and funding, our sporting clubs may suffer more than most once the world gets back to some type of normality.

As funds dry up and sadly some businesses close their doors, sponsorship will most likely be negatively impacted too. This isn’t just about our big clubs, but also the Under 9’s, 11’s, and beyond.

To do our bit, Snowflake Media is organising an online sports, comedy and music celebration in May 2020 called Halifax S-O-S.

Supporting Our Sports!

I am pleased to announce that 50% of all proceeds will be given directly to The Halifax Rugby League Club and 50% will be donated through grants to Grass roots and Junior football clubs in the Halifax and surrounding area.

All Grants will be processed via the Community Foundation For Calderdale.

Our aim is to fill a virtual Shay stadium and raise £100,000 to secure a great legacy for our sporting teams and youngsters.

More details of the line up will be released in the very near future along with instructions on how to buy tickets or contribute to the fundraiser.

Why Here? Why Now? Why Snowflake?

Snowflake Media believes in community. Strong local communities become great places to live, work and play. This means future generations want to stay here and make their own positive memories too.

Sports play a vital role in this journey.

As I fondly remember my trips to Thrum Hall, Wembley or The Shay with my father, now one of my most cherished times of the week is going to see Town or Fax with my family.

We initally envisioned splitting the proceeds equally between the two clubs we sponsor already, HXRLFC & FCHT, however Town declined the offer as they pursue their own pathway, which we totally respect.

This now creates a great opportunity for us to create finances for junior clubs via a grants program, managed by the finest in the area, The Community Foundation For Calderdale. You may have heard of CFFC as the great organisation behind the £3m+ fundraising effort following the Boxing Day floods, if not check them out, they are a terrific local asset.

A big thank you in advance to all the businesses, individuals and clubs for their support in getting this event up and running. A special thanks to Dave Grayson and the Halifax RLFC team, incredible passion and enthusiasm from the beginning of our discussions. Very much appreciated!

It’s about music, laughter, sports, family and most importantly coming together. It’s about Halifax and the future.

Ticket details coming soon

Best regards

Lee Kenny

Managing Director, Snowflake Media.

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