Halifax SOS Junior Sport Grants

Welcome to the Grants for Junior Sport pre-application page.

If you manage a junior sports club then please pre-register your information with us, so we can let you know when grants are available and open for application. We will also contact you to arrange a quick promotion of your club during the event and walk you through how it all works.

Ideally only one person per club should register to save on time and duplication of efforts. 50% of all proceeds from the Halifax SOS event will be distributed via the Community Foundation For Calderdale, you can find out more about them here.

Please complete the following pre-application form to get started.

    Thank you for your interest, please note we will share your details with the Community Foundation For Calderdale & Halifax Rugby League Football Club in order to manage the process. You may opt out at any time. Conditions for grants will be explained during the application process and are subject to availability and eligibility.