Give And Ye Shall Receive:

Welcome to 2015. The year you really prove that you are a Go getter and that your small business is going to explode online and with social media.

Sound a bit familiar to last year? How did that work out? I’m sure you made progress, a few mistakes, but inched forward right?

OK, 2015 could be a great year for your small business on Social media.

Become a “Go Giver”

We’ve all heard of the Go-Getter, but the people who are having most success online actually Give before they get. Let me explain.

Free Reports

If your business is an expert in its area (Tip: If you are doing this professionally you are an expert) then what can you share with potential and existing customers to cement your credibility?

I’m not taking about giving your whole product away, but what can you give that makes people see you really know your stuff?

Outstanding Insight and Knowledge

When you tweet or share really great stuff on Facebook and Twitter, you become known as the “Go-To” place for your industry. Whether that’s childrens fashion, Books, Social media, a Department store… it doesn’t really matter. Just remember to keep it understandable for the customer you have in mind.


Without getting too personal, make sure you are showing your personality to your audience. Photos of the sale assistant, inward goods clerk or finance bookkeeper never go out of fashion. If you are in a customer facing environment your small business needs to do this on social media for one major reason. Most people forget a name, quicker than the time it takes to shake hands. Or they never knew it in the first place.

Calling someone by their name is a wonderful thing to do. Allow your customers to reciprocate. I’m almost embarrassed that I don’t know some people’s names who maybe serve coffee each day, or deliver parcels regularly. Showing a picture of Jamie here:


jamie casey

will help some of our own clients put a face to the name that they may have heard for the past year.

It also tells Jamie I value him and his contribution to my business! (aw shucks!)

Request Data for the more valuable giveaways

At the end of the day, everything is a trade off. If you have really great content that is not freely available out there that you think a) Adds value to your client and B) Could lead to a longer and paid relationship with customers, then you can consider asking for a name and email address in order to share that material.

Yes, fewer people may see it, but you now have the opportunity to blow their socks off. More importantly you aren’t starting from zero any more each day you turn on the PC.

I’d love to hear your comments, please let me know your thoughts in the box below!

Until next time
Lee Kenny
CEO: Snowflake Media






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