How do I get more page likes for my business on Facebook for free? Dump your friends!

Over half of all prospective clients want to know the same thing.

How do I get more page likes for my business on Facebook?

This typically takes us in a direction very few Social media companies dare to go, mainly because in an industry of smoke & mirrors, the numbers HAVE TO GO UP every month to satisfy the client and justify the bill.

In reverse order, here are the 3 things you should do to get more likes for your Facebook business page:


#3: Dump your friends

Sounds harsh right? Let’s face it. You love your friends, they love you….but they probably are not customers or potential customers right?

When you were starting out you needed some likes to build momentum and your friends pulled through. But pretty quickly they got bored about seeing your business related updates and tuned out. Never liking, sharing or commenting any more. . Facebook’s algorithm changes means that having friends who don’t interact with your page actually hurts the visibility of your page. Facebook currently selects 10-20% of your followers and displays your updates. If enough people engage (click, share or comment) then it gets drip-fed out to the rest of your audience.

This is why some of your stories reaches 100, others 8!

So by having your friends unlike the page (Expect their eyes to pop out by the way…who ever heard of asking friends to “unlike” a page?” you increase the chance that Facebook will select someone who may actually interact and like what you have to say.

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Now if they don’t unlike your page but you know they shouldn’t be there, then you can go and remove them from liking the page. A little more drastic, but hey this is your livelihood we are talking about Of course, if your friend is a likely customer and does interact all the time (maybe your BFF) then clearly it pays to keep them around.


#2 Use non-Facebook data

Do you have a list of email addresses of your customers? Maybe you operate a newsletter or mailing list?

Well Facebook now allows you to upload a list of email addresses and then they will do 2 things for you:

a)      They’ll check who is already on Facebook with one of those email addresses and invite them to like your page.

b)      They’ll email people who don’t have an account using that email address (but they may be on already using another email address) asking them to come and like the page.


A word of warning. Make sure you have permission to use the email address and only invite people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say.

If you want to know how to get your email contacts in to Facebook, check out this recent post on Using PayPal for Business. Whilst it talks about Paypal users, it’s the same process and will save you some time.


The #1 Way to get more page likes for your business on Facebook for free is….

Write and share outstanding material. Add real Value to the person reading. Too often we allow Facebook to be Personal, rather than show our Personality.

Our friends and potential customers time is precious. You know how busy you are…look how long it takes you to get around to writing a blog or updating Facebook! Our audience faces the same challenges.

Mix it up a little. Videos (Can be from Youtube or vimeo and don’t have to be yours), Photos, interesting article shares and of course original commentary from yourself will go a long way. Then use 10% to actually ask for business. (More on “How often should I Sell? on Facebook here)

Until next time, have a great week and be sure to comment here and on Facebook about how these tips are working for you? I’d love to hear from you.

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how do I get more page likes for my business

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