Why Are My Facebook Page Likes Going Down?

Starting 12th March a lot of you will be asking “Why are my Facebook Page likes going down?”

Well there is nothing to fear, this time it’s actually for a good reason!. Facebook made an announcement this past week explaining the rational for reducing your hard earned likes. I shot a 2 minute video below to bring you up to speed!

If you don’t have time to watch, here’s the scoop on why your page likes are going down on Facebook.

For some time Facebook has known it has an issue with Inactive accounts as well as memorialised pages (for those who have passed away). So from the 12th March it will start removing those likes from your Facebook Page.

Some readers have said they’ve already started losing likes, however this is more likely to be thanks to Facebook’s prompting of users to unlike their page as detailed in this blog mid last year

So don’t worry too much, yes ego can be hurt a little if you drop below a previous milestone but the amount of people who will actually see your posts should go up in the coming weeks!

Have you been affected by this change? Post a comment below or come visit us on Social media to chat!

Until next time!

Lee Kenny
CEO: Snowflake Media






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