“Excusitis” and how it’s killing you and your business slowly!

So you have a website, or a product or maybe a store and you know…. And I mean “KNOW” it’s a great idea to write a blog.
What makes it worse is that you constantly see articles published on blogs or website, where you say “Huh, that’s a bit basic” or “I could have written that”
So instead of looking at other peoples work, start creating your own. No excuses!
David Schwartz coined the phrase “Excusititis” in his best-selling book; The Magic of Thinking Big and talks about every time you ever thought you couldn’t do something.
Was it because you weren’t clever enough? Didn’t have the right education? Didn’t know the “right” people? Well get over it!
I listened to a Brian Tracy CD a week or so ago and he said “Nothing will make you madder than someone dumber than you, making more money” Ok, it’s not politically correct, but hopefully it will give you the jolt you need to stop procrastinating.
So what excuse do you need to banish?
Don’t have time? Buy Tim Ferris’s 4 hour work week
Don’t know how to write a blog? Take a look at Copyblogger
Drowning in non-profitable admin or research work? Hire someone really cheaply at People Per Hour, Freelancer or Odesk
Don’t understand Social Media and how to use it to make profits for your business. Join our business club, it’s only £99 incl. VAT and you get the whole agency helping you and ensuring you succeed fast. It’s also great you can cancel once you are up to speed!
Don’t have enough prospects? Where are they? Forums, in-person networking events? Go get involved! If you don’t like networking, get a copy of the great book by Will Kintish called Business Networking: The Survival Guide. I’ve read it and its transformed my view of networking events!
Whatever it is get started, ask for help and start moving towards your goals and dreams you envisioned when you started your journey!
Until next time
Lee Kenny
CEO: Snowflake Media





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