If you don’t engage with your fans, here’s what Facebook will do!

In what has been a crazy month for changes over at Facebook, overnight they just took another step to reduce how many pages your fans follow. Will you win or lose?


Engagement is key

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I advocate engagement as the ultimate way to grow followers. When you produce compelling, interesting content and do a great job of talking to your audience, then your fan base will grow.

Overnight Facebook appear to have rolled out an active push to get people to unfollow pages that they don’t interact with. Going through my feed this morning, a blue box appeared showing me just how easy it is to unfollow a fan page.


Here’s a close-up of Facebook prompting me to unfollow the Evans Cycles page



It’s not all bad news when inactive fans leave your page

I wrote recently about why sometimes cutting back on who your friends are can actually help increase your reach and audience due to new rules (be sure to check it here) for your business page. Arguably Facebook is helping, by taking this unusual step of asking people to leave your page as the people left hopefully will respond better and your reach will increase organically.


Here’s how to avoid the chop

Take 5 to consider what you are posting in terms of updates. Videos, Photo’s as well as what time of day. We have a really quick tool that we use with clients that scores their Facebook pages.


Free Facebook page scorecard checker

If you’d like a copy of the score for your own page. Just get in touch via lee@snowflakemedia.co.uk and we’ll be happy to send your score and how you compare to your competitors.

As always, please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences. I look forward to hearing how these social media tips for small business work for you!

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If you don’t engage with your fans, here’s what Facebook will do!

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