Creating Milestones for your Facebook Business Page

In a recent review of almost 50 Facebook business pages, one common theme prevailed that could be hurting their chance of free traffic from Facebook. That was the lack of milestones on their page. Watch this 3 minute video I created to see exactly how to use Milestones to boost likes and traffic on your Facebook business page.

What’s a milestone for Facebook business pages?

It could be anything. Passing a certain number of likes, an anniversary or you can get creative too.
A painter might talk about tins of paint used, a Baker Bags of flour. A wedding photographer might use people photographed (estimates of course). You get the picture!

Easily overlooked.

We are so keen to post photos, videos and updates that businesses often overlook the option to create a milestone. Even reviewing Facebook today we saw lots of examples of people celebrating anniversaries, business wins and xyz number of fans, but they posted them as a status rather than a milestone.

What’s the big deal?

Well there’s nothing technically wrong with posting your good news as a status update, but if you want to increase the ranking of your page (Yes, Facebook ranks your business page out of 100 too!) then adding in milestones is an easy way to not only impress Facebook, but also to create engagement with your audience too.

How to post a milestone on your Facebook business page

Instead of entering in the status in your normal way, take a look above the status box and you’ll see an option for Offer/Event+
Click Milestone
Then type in your milestone
Remember you can back-date them so you don’t miss out on past successes like awards or previous sales or audience number goals.
If you are doing several at once, be sure to select “hide from timeline” for the older ones.

Here’s a step by step in picture form







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As always, please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences. I look forward to hearing how these social media tips for small businesses work for you!


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Written by:
Lee Kenny
CEO: Snowflake Media






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