Social Media

More Social Media Tips from a 5 Year old!

A while ago I wrote about my youngest snowflake and the power of getting started. Well she’s now 5 years old and continues to inspire us all with her pearls of wisdom when it comes to Social Media tips.   The frustration phase   Social media can be frustrating, there’s no other way to put … Read More

Why your Facebook posts only reach 8 people

Do you scratch your head wondering why your last post reached 457 people and the one before was only seen by 8? Just 8!   One challenge you face when using Social Media for your business is conflicting opinions. The other is that agencies tend to take for granted that you know everything about Facebook. … Read More

Why your business should not use automated “Thank You” software

So this is a pet peeve of mine and I’m sure any regular Twitter user has experienced on the Worlds 2nd biggest “Niche” social network! (Candid reference to BBC’s inference that Twitter might not take off!)   We manage Twitter communications for many clients in the UK Australia, US & Europe for big and small … Read More

How to organise your Facebook page by “recent”

Another day, another functionality change for some businesses using Facebook for social Media on their desktop version. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter on your timeline, Facebook appears to have removed the “sort by recent” option, instead assuming it knows what relevant, popular stories you’d like to see.   The Challenge for … Read More

Using PayPal for Business? 3 tricks to boost Facebook fans

If you have a Facebook fan page for your business and use PayPal to accept payments then you are just minutes away from increasing your Facebook fan count in an easier way than you could imagine.   “How do I get more fans on Facebook?” is probably the number one question we hear from small … Read More

New Direct Message layout on Twitter iPhone App

The latest Twitter app for iPhone now makes it easier than ever to send Direct Messages to those accounts that already follow you.   Here’s a quick screenshot         Essentially the App has caught up with the cog function on the desktop version, but in an era of busy-business, this is a … Read More