Why your business should not use automated “Thank You” software

So this is a pet peeve of mine and I’m sure any regular Twitter user has experienced on the Worlds 2nd biggest “Niche” social network! (Candid reference to BBC’s inference that Twitter might not take off!)

We manage Twitter communications for many clients in the UK Australia, US & Europe for big and small businesses alike. We often receive a Direct Message from someone we have followed along the following lines. “Hi Social Snowflake, thank you for connecting with us here on Twitter. Are you on FB too? Please send us a link so we can drop by.”

Twitter is meant to be a social network, so being the social snowflake that we are, we like to communicate back, unfortunately this is what we usually see:


Now, I know why the allure of Automated messaging is so strong, it’s scalable (buzz word!), Fast and easy for the business owner. However it goes against everything a social network stands for…primarily being sociable.

Imagine I am a potential customer, impressed that you have taken time to message me after following your Twitter handle only to be blocked by Twitter from private messaging you back. Do I simply use the “@” way to publicly chat to you? Probably not, actually I may feel worse about your brand than if you had done nothing.

If you insist on Automatic tweeting, then ensure you follow people before you send anything. Yes people are busy, but if you want to build your business rather than your follower numbers, surely you want to see who’s engaging with your business?

Imagine attending the national exhibition for your chosen industry and you commit to being an exhibitor. You prepare, plan, reach out to potential clients you’d like to meet. Then… you don’t bother turning up. A completely empty exhibition stand.


How many meaningful, long term relationships could you possibly hope to start? How much business would you expect to gain?

Zero. This is the number one reason why businesses should not use Automated software on Twitter. Yes, it takes time to acknowledge people, to start conversations. But it costs a lot more when you do things badly

Do you use Automated software? How does it work for you? Feel free to comment, like and share. I’d love to hear your thoughts


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