How to build relationships with people you don’t know

I was privileged to be asked to speak at the UK’s National Inspiring Fundraising and Philanthropy conference yesterday alongside some wonderful people. Phil Packer MBE, Founder of the BRIT charity (PhilPacker.Com), Marcelle Speller: Secret Millionaire and Founder of Local Giving.Com and a host of just Inspiring people including some modern-day Philanthropists.
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Even though none of the speakers had been prepped or discussed their presentations with other speakers the recurring words that were used all revolved around how to build relationships


So in Social Media Marketing, Yes we have followers and page likes, but often a “lurking audience” a Passive interest. The audience wants to follow what we have to say, but not necessarily comment on everything.


As any blogger will know, their key ideas often appear (sometimes word for word) on blogs and websites around the world without acknowledging them as the source. However let’s take the more positive route. People like what they hear, put it in to practice and have some good success. The only downside is we never really see or hear those successes.


So how do you build a relationship with someone you don’t know?




Pick your topic, be a master curator so that all roads lead to you on your particular area of expertise. There is enough “drivel” out there. The only thing you must do to be a big success is ensure you comment on the piece and always credit the original source.




If you are sporadic in your tweets or updates, people will not stick around. There is just too much else going on, too much good content elsewhere.


  • If you haven’t posted anything on your blog this month write something, even if it is just a paragraph.
  • If you haven’t updated your Facebook page this week, do it now. Ask a Question, share an article with a comment. It doesn’t take long.
  • If you haven’t Tweeted in the last 24-hours do it now


It lets people know you are still here and gives them a reason to stick around. Don’t forget They liked or followed you! They want you to succeed


Don’t worry about perfection


Hey, you’ll find a spelling mistake here and there! Your grammar may not be perfect. Don’t worry, we are all human…The odd “flub” is fine. As long as in’s comprehensible, you’ll get better in time


Put instant gratification on hold


I know you want followers, Retweets, shares and comments now, but have a little patience. You have to prove to your audience that you know what you are talking about and also that you are going to be around next week. People share things on their Facebook status because they love their friends, not because we are literary geniuses!


Things take time, you may write, tweet and use Facebook for weeks or months, but you are creating a wealth of information that will be there when the audience grows. It also creates a great habit.


Do the Obvious


“The thing about Common Sense is it is not very common”


An old phrase but one that certainly stands in the “sometimes flaky” Social Media world. Do the simple things well and often, it usually only take a minute


  • Acknowledge every new follower
  • Thank people for Retweets
  • Thanks everyone that shares
  • Acknowledge every interaction and comment….. Even if you don’t agree with them


Take these simple steps and your Social marketing Media will not only be effective but it will be fun too!


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How to build relationships with people you don’t know

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