Social media: The Bon Jovi Guide

If you want to Rock your followers, then you need to look no further than perennial Rockers Bon Jovi. I had a lot of fun writing The Bon Jovi Guide to Social Media for SME’s ( and a few others!)

In my last post we gave tips on how to engage with your Facebook fans, but whether you use Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, then feel free to use this “Bon Jovi Guide to Social Media Heaven”


Living on a Prayer: Does this describe how you feel about trying to use Social media? Never have time, What to write, how do I get more fans are always the most popular questions we here. Planning, knowing your audience and just getting started will put you in control.


Wanted Dead or Alive: There has been a trend to buy 10,000 friends for £5, 5,000 twitter followers for $10 and the like. This is akin to buying “Dead” followers. They’ll never interact, they’ll hurt the visibility of your posts to real fans (Watch out for a future post on this topic) and apart from pure vanity, serve absolutely no purpose. When you post and interact regularly with good compelling content, the rest will follow.


I’ll Be There For You: The reason Google exists is because people need help. They need guidance and reassurance and want a trusted voice to help them feel good about the future. Apple were (maybe still are?) experts in this field. SO on your social media, make sure you are seeking out those opportunities to add value, opportunities to engage and sell later will be just reward for you being a friendly voice right now.


You give (Facebook) Love a Bad Name: For most companies, authors and businesses, you want to display personality, but not get personal, especially when it comes to controversial topics that don’t really have anything to do with your company mission. So often we’ll see someone talk about traffic, politics, religion, what’s on TV and it really does distract from your core message. Sure, if it’s topical then go for it, but ask will this lend value to positioning me as an expert? My company as the best? My product as valuable? Now certain personalities can get away with anything. Lord Sugar, Donald Trump, Duncan Bannatyne…..However they’ve all made it as a success in their own right and aren’t desperately trying to build a following.


Finally Keep The Faith: Unless you are going to invest in advertising, this is a process that builds over time organically. Spend 10 minutes a day if you can planning, commenting and writing for Facebook and Twitter. If you like spend 30 minutes twice a week if you find that easier. We recently built a Facebook audience of over 2,000 local people within 8 weeks in less than 10 minutes a day by implementing simple action plans. No Guru’s, just a little planning, consistency and of course a little bit of luck too


So leave your audience on a high note! Give value, share great stuff and through good planning stay consistent.


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Social media: The Bon Jovi Guide

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