Lee Kenny

Networking for introverts

I love people, business and am a fairly sociable person by most people’s standards, however I have always found networking awkward and uncomfortable. While some people operate on a “fake it til you make it” basis, I needed to go a different way. If you are not a huge fan of speed-networking, todays video is … Read More

How Founders, ceo’s and business owners can access support

It can feel lonely “at the top” for founders, solopreneurs and MD’s especially if you are a business with less than 10 employees. Todays Business messenger video talks about how to access that support to bounce ideas around and stop you from feeling too isolated If you prefer to read: Here’s the transcript instead: Good … Read More

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat

Do you make things happen in your business or do you just accept “facts” as you find them. Todays Business Messenger short video is designed to have you just take a look at your business and understand your business psyche To see more short videos on how to improve your business profits and strategy check … Read More

Snowflake media launches Business messenger

Snowflake Media Founder Lee Kenny is pleased to launch a new Video series to help business owners increase their sales and productivity. As a leading marketing agency, Snowflake Media, works with all sizes of business to ensure growth can be maximised and the new Business Messenger video series is designed to demistify the whole sales … Read More

Snowflake launches junior sport grant programme

Following an agreement with the Community Foundation For Calderdale (CFFC), Snowflake Media is pleased to open up the Halifax SOS Junior Sport Grants programme for pre-registration. Expressions of interest are now invited and All junior clubs within the Halifax postcode range are welcome to apply, full details of criteria will be provided in due course … Read More

Halifax SOS Launches To Support our Sports Clubs in Halifax

Halifax S-O-S (Supporting our Sports) Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all areas of our lives and while lots of businesses and individuals can access some support and funding, our sporting clubs may suffer more than most once the world gets back to some type of normality. As funds dry up and sadly some … Read More

COVID-19 update 17th March 2020

3 years ago we decided to transition the company into a  staff & family-friendly organisation. This involved being 100% mobile-ready so the team could work at home if ever we needed to. We had snow and school kids in mind, but it does mean that we are operating as normal, albeit from a different location. … Read More

Random act of kindness day

Going another step further for our clients Mothershare are a charity based in Halifax. They are a voluntary group in North Halifax operating on a referral basis to supply vulnerable women and families with the essentials to care for their babies. We love helping charities, so when they needed a new website, we jumped at … Read More

Halifax RLFC Matchday Programme returns with Snowflake Media

After 2 seasons without an a stand-alone matchday programme, Snowflake Media has teamed up with Halifax RLFC to bring it back for the 2020 season. Blue World Order made its debut at the season opener against Sheffield Eagles and runs alongside social media sponsorship as well as the Halicash promotion that see’s fans have the … Read More