What my 4 year old daughter taught me about Social Media Marketing

Sometimes lessons come from the most unusual places!


This morning my 4-year old daughter summed up the first lesson that any person or business needs when handling their Facebook Twitter or other social media campaign.


Just get started!


Now, for those that know me. I love planning, am a data-driven control freak which is a nice addition to the entrepreneurial side of me that just wants to give it a try and see what works.


This morning I was asked “Can we make something?”,


Sure what would you like to make?


“A surprise”


“What type of surprise?”


“I don’t know”


“How will you know how to get started then?”


“Oh….I know how to get started….we just need sparkly paper!”


That was it. It didn’t matter that She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. She had an end goal in mind….. Have fun and make anything.


How often have you procrastinated over the social media updates you should be sharing?


Or worse, how many times have you logged on to Facebook or Twitter to get started on your social media marketing only to find yourself overwhelmed and 20 minutes later, log off without any clear action.


A famous film once described ABC as “Always Be Closing”, I’d encourage you to “Always Be Childlike” and have some fun, get planning, but most of all get started!

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What my 4 year old daughter taught me about Social Media Marketing

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