Month: January 2019

who do you take business advice from

Be Careful Who You Take Business Advice From in 2019

Be careful who you listen to in 2019 Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to a new year of unlimited possibilities, new ways of reaching customers, innovations in technology to make our lives easier, oh and to a new breed of spruikers peddling their quick fixes for long term challenges. When times get tough economically, it’s … Read More

new years business goals

New Years Resolutions for Your Business

Resolve to be a 10%’er Did you make those New Years’ resolutions? How are those resolutions coming on? Research shows that most resolutions are actually broken by the 2nd Friday of the year. This year “Quitters Day” is the 11th January! If you’ve met me, you’ll know I’m a bit of a British nerd! I … Read More