Month: April 2014

How to organise your Facebook page by “recent”

Another day, another functionality change for some businesses using Facebook for social Media on their desktop version. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter on your timeline, Facebook appears to have removed the “sort by recent” option, instead assuming it knows what relevant, popular stories you’d like to see.   The Challenge for … Read More

Using PayPal for Business? 3 tricks to boost Facebook fans

If you have a Facebook fan page for your business and use PayPal to accept payments then you are just minutes away from increasing your Facebook fan count in an easier way than you could imagine.   “How do I get more fans on Facebook?” is probably the number one question we hear from small … Read More

New Direct Message layout on Twitter iPhone App

The latest Twitter app for iPhone now makes it easier than ever to send Direct Messages to those accounts that already follow you.   Here’s a quick screenshot         Essentially the App has caught up with the cog function on the desktop version, but in an era of busy-business, this is a … Read More

10 ways to build a huge Twitter following without spending any money

Every day we get bombarded with adverts from companies around the world offering “real Twitter followers” for $/£/$ and I’ve discussed it before, but they really are pure vanity. If you want to build a successful business using social media and Twitter in particular then you need to approach it in a professional manner.   … Read More

The A-Z of Social Media for Small Businesses in 2014

If you have just decided to launch a social media campaign for your business or perhaps started some time ago but never quite got going, here’s an updated A-Z of Social Media to get you inspired and heading in the right direction   Answer Questions.   Most businesses want to tell the world their story, … Read More

How to Tag people and businesses on Facebook

For those who don’t know what “Tagging” is, this is where you can name a person or business on Facebook within your status updates and it creates a clickable link to their page and also alerts them to the fact you’ve tagged them on Facebook. This helps the reader of the story find out where … Read More

How to be an overnight success on Twitter

We live in an age of instant gratification where size can be confused with influence.   At Snowflake Media one of the most popular questions we get around Social Media Marketing is “How can I build an instant following and be a success on Twitter”   Good News & Bad News   Well good news … Read More

Me, Me, Me. Is this how you DO Social Media?

Like Me, Share this, I Need to get to 1000 likes, 2000 followers? Does this sound familiar?   Now, I actually love milestones, they are great for galvanising support, but it can only be one part of the communications message in Social Media.   Why should I care if YOU get more followers? What will … Read More