Month: March 2014

Protecting your Social Media Security

“OMG I can’t believe this picture of you here on www.fakephishingsite.com”, “I’ve wanted you since I met You”   Errr OK, but why is my accountant sending me tweets like this?   This week seems to have seen a pronounced increase in clearly hacked Twitter accounts and you could be next.   Take a few … Read More

The Power of getting started in Social Media Marketing

In my last blog one of my top suggestions was simply “getting started” when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It was also a key point in the recent Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy National event held in Halifax, West Yorkshire this month.   It sounds simple, but the call of email, Facebook updates from others and … Read More

How to build relationships with people you don’t know

I was privileged to be asked to speak at the UK’s National Inspiring Fundraising and Philanthropy conference yesterday alongside some wonderful people. Phil Packer MBE, Founder of the BRIT charity (PhilPacker.Com), Marcelle Speller: Secret Millionaire and Founder of Local Giving.Com and a host of just Inspiring people including some modern-day Philanthropists. Even though none of … Read More

What my 4 year old daughter taught me about Social Media Marketing

Sometimes lessons come from the most unusual places!   This morning my 4-year old daughter summed up the first lesson that any person or business needs when handling their Facebook Twitter or other social media campaign.   Just get started!   Now, for those that know me. I love planning, am a data-driven control freak … Read More