10 ways to build a huge Twitter following without spending any money

Every day we get bombarded with adverts from companies around the world offering “real Twitter followers” for $/£/$ and I’ve discussed it before, but they really are pure vanity. If you want to build a successful business using social media and Twitter in particular then you need to approach it in a professional manner.

Buying likes is like inviting people off the street to a fancy all expenses paid dinner, that you don’t attend, and expecting instant lifelong friendships to form. Never gonna happen!

Entrepreneur Magazine contributor @AnnTran wrote a terrific article explaining how she went from zero to over 380,000 followers without buying advertising. It wasn’t an overnight thing! (See my recent blog to know why this is a good thing!)

Ann detailed 10 ways that she built a solid and steady following on Twitter which now gives her huge choices, business referrals, speaking & writing opportunities

In summary form here are the 10 ways Ann recommends to build a huge Twitter following

–          Return Favours

–          Remain Active

–          Widen your net

–          Stay Focussed

–          Keep networking & engaging

–          Make retweeting a habit

–          Look for opportunities

–          Showcase your skills and talents

–          Find Influencers

–          Diversify

Here’s the article: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233201 in full.


I think for me, the focus part is key. Taking a little time to decide what you are trying to achieve will save a lot of time in the long run.

With so many people on Ann’s timeline, you can be sure that she uses Lists within Twitter to help her decide what to post. Be sure to check out my post on Curating Versus Creating for more information on that.

So, sorry of you were looking for the magic bullet that would skyrocket you to fame and fortune. It will come, but as with anything of value, it needs to be built to last.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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10 ways to build a huge Twitter following without spending any money

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