Whether you are an employee, already in business or aspire to be your own boss there is usually an amount of money that is needed to help you feel comfortable.

In working with entrepreneurs, high level managers, authors and professionals I often hear that 10,000 a month would help make life not only bearable but downright pleasurable!

With average salaries varying around the world, but closer to the 2,000 to 4,000 a month mark, it’s no wonder people are asking “What can I do to earn 100,000 or more a year?”

Having launched businesses in the UK, Switzerland, USA & Australia, I’m pleased to say your location is not a barrier. My experience within publicly traded companies couldn’t be further from the times I started a business from the bedroom, but was just as valuable.

I’ve worked with high-performers… real top 1% performers, as well as those looking to start their journey towards freedom. Not just financial freedom, but time freedom and the freedom to choose what they do in life.

If you are looking to make six figures this coming year or add 10,000 a month or more profit to your business then schedule a free 30 minute Rapid Results call with me today by clicking the button below.

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Recent results from my coaching clients

DR from New York added $30,000 to her business within 3 weeks.

JP from Canada got clear on his goals immediately and found a new revenue stream

DFG from Los Angeles who has been pitching a movie for 4 years found 2 interested backers within 3 weeks, one of whom placed $500,000 in escrow to prove how serious they were.

I currently work with clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA & Canada. Time and location is no barrier

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