Snowflake Media is one of the UK’s leading marketing agencies for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Initially launched in 2006 as a Direct Response Television Agency, we quickly adapted to the changing media landscape and embraced digital & online advertising.

Over the past decade Snowflake Media has created and managed campaigns for global brands and has helped generate over £300 million in sales on TV & online.

Lee Kenny, Founder and Managing Director, changed direction in 2015 after realising his initial vision of helping Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Small businesses was being lost due the success of larger corporate clients within the portfolio.

The entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in the ethos of Snowflake Media, mainly thanks to the fact that we have been in your shoes. Before establishing a successful Social Media business, Lee launched several businesses as both an employee and as a solopreneur.

Three separate companies generated over £1 million pounds in revenue within a year and it is this knowledge of how to get things done makes Snowflake stand out from the “Guru crowd”. We have a history of making money by selling things. Most agencies earn their keep by selling their services but haven’t actually had to sell something other than marketing.

In March 2015, Snowflake Media disrupted the whole model of Social Media for small businesses by launching the “I’m In” Club. The club has 100’s of business owners who have unlimited access to the agency and its expertise. Combining expert trainings delivered online with the support and feedback from business owners just like you, this has changed the way business owners access marketing help.

The “I’m In” club took its inspiration from the crowdsourcing model. It was clear that the demand was present for affordable and practical social media marketing solutions for small business owners. Our challenge was to keep this below the £30 or $50 price-point. Mass participation has made this a reality for business owners who would normally be priced out of the market.

Whatever your industry, we can help provide expertise and case studies to help reduce the learning curve. We recognise that you want to run your business, not spend hours on Social Media with little to show for it. Applications are now open to join the Club and you can find more information here.

Not sure what the right social media solution for your business is? Just contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.